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A Brand New Smile, From Our Family to Yours

What is a Brand New Smile?

‘I love my brand new smile. I feel amazing; the doctors have been great from beginning to end. I have a brand new smile and a brand new life, basically. I love it.’

All on X Treatment

Why Choose Brand New Smile?

All of your appointments and treatments under one roof.

State of the art technology.

Personalized care.

Thanks to the All-on-4® Treatment Concept, you can get a Brand New Smile faster than ever!


How Much Does Brand New Smile Cost?

Affordable payment plans available to make it easier to make monthly payments as low as $47 a month. Making a financial decision can be overwhelming- our team is there for you every step of the way to help you get closer to reaching your goals.

How Can I Get a Brand New Smile?

Free Consultation & Records

Evaluate your smile, and discuss your goals. Scan your teeth.



Remove teeth, and implant new roots. Put in 3D-printed teeth.

One-Week Checkup

Make sure your bite is working well for you.

Final Teeth

After one to two weeks, install your zirconia final arch(es), made on-site.

Patient Testimonials

Not only do I have an amazing and beautiful smile from my implants, but a great team took care of me. Dr. Kerry, Dr. Tim, and Manveer work wonders! The entire staff is great and the follow-through couldn’t be any better. They are the real deal and if you are looking for a solution, this is genuinely the place to go. To the entire staff thank you for doing a great job. I will definitely recommend others to come to your office for the best care.
Carla Welsh


Went in for a consultation 3 months ago about needing major dental work. I was very impressed with there level of technology they use when coming up with a treatment plan and went with the brand new smile package. It’s definitely expensive but worth it especially since I am young (36) The majority of other places only use 4 implants per arch and I was able to get 6. Was very nervous before the operation and didn’t sleep for a week before hand. It was definitely top notch and I was in and out in under 5 hours with no pain and no issues. Definitely excited to get my permanents. They make you feel comfortable and answer all your questions either through phone call or email. Manveer is very friendly and gentle. I am 1 day post op and couldn’t be happier with my decision. Worth every penny! Thanks for giving me my smile back. I haven’t seen it in probably 12 years!


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