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Dentist in Lake in the Hills | Peri-Implant Disease — What to Know

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Implant Dentist Lake in the Hills

Dental implants can be a powerful solution for missing or damaged teeth due to their incredible ability to simulate natural teeth. But did you know your dental implants can subject to health concerns similar to gum disease? Without proper oral care, peri-implant disease can take root, affecting the underlying gum tissue and bone structure. Learn the signs of peri-implant disease so you can counter them early.

Peri-implant mucositis

As the initial, mild phase, peri-implant mucositis is often a precursor to possible issues developing in your oral health. No signs of bone loss occur in this phase, but your gums may be inflamed in areas surrounding your dental implant. Bleeding or redness of the gums can be common. While discomfort may not be noticeable, it is important to have your dental implant examined before this stage progresses.


In peri-implantitis, symptoms have had a chance to worsen. Gum inflammation will increase, and the bone tissue supporting the implant will deteriorate. Crevices develop around where the implant meets the bone, and bacteria migrates through the area, developing infection. At this stage, your implant’s safety may be threatened, which can require surgical treatment.


Similar to periodontal disease, peri-implant disease can usually be treated by gently debriding plaque and debris from the immediate area. This can eliminate the bacterial infection, restoring your gum health and halting any bone deterioration. If peri-implantitis persists untreated for too long, it may be necessary to remove your dental implant. This has an extensive recovery time, and can compromise a future restorations or implants.


If caught early, peri-implant disease can be treated with proper oral hygiene and care. However, it can be difficult to detect on your own. We suggest regular dental visits at least twice a year to keep watch for any signs of infection.

If you are worried about your oral health or have noticed swelling or decay around your dental implants, contact our team today to schedule an appointment. Your comfort and oral health are important to us.

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Implant Dentist Lake in the Hills

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