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Dr. Stirneman has been working in dentistry for 26 years now, and there’s nothing he enjoys more about his job than meeting new patients and helping them improve their lives. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Creighton University before moving on to achieve his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree at Creighton University Dental School. He also annually attends around 100 hours of continuing education courses, including over 150 hours of basic and advanced orthodontic training and 120 hours of dental implant training, which included live patient surgery on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. His current passion is treating sleep apnea, and he’s devoted a majority of his training to it over the last few years. He is currently working his way towards becoming board-certified in a number of different prestigious dental academies.

Originally from Lake in the Hills, Dr. Stirneman has three grown children – Kenny, his oldest, Katie, his only daughter, and Kurtis, his youngest son. Outside of dental work, he is a lifelong Cubs fan and is very excited to go their games this year. He also loves seeing movies so much that his kids got him a monthly movie pass for Father’s Day that lets him go see a different movie every day for a flat fee! One interesting fact about Dr. Stirneman is that he ran two marathons in under four hours in his younger years and was capable of completing a mile in less than five minutes in high school.

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