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Implant-Retained Bridges

Implant Dentist in Lake in the Hills, IL

Implant Dentist Lake in the Hills

People with multiple missing teeth have much bigger problems than how their smile looks. In this situation, the remaining teeth will often drift into the open space, which can cause the teeth to become crooked and throw off a person’s bite alignment. They also bring about bone degeneration, which in addition to making the bone much more brittle, can make the face appear decades older than it really is. Thankfully, dental implants can provide a reliable solution that can effectively solve/prevent all of these problems in an implant-retained bridge. The prosthetic itself can be made to resemble natural teeth in every way, and it will last much longer than a traditional bridge as well. To learn more about what it could do for you, either read on below, or schedule your free consultation today.

Implant Dentist Lake in the Hills

What is an Implant-Retained Bridge?

An implant-retained bridge is a type of fixed dental prosthetic that can be used to replace a row of consecutive missing teeth. Two dental implant crowns are placed into the jaw on either end of the space in a person’s smile, and these are attached to prosthetic teeth to complete the restoration.

To get one, a patient will need to visit Dr. Stirneman here at Brand New Smile Dental Implant Centers, and he will perform a complete examination of their mouth as well as take a number of scans to determine what the best solution is for their missing teeth is. If it is an implant-retained bridge, our team will then place the implants using a minor surgery at a follow-up appointment. A patient will be given 3-6 months to heal, at which time they will return to our office to have their final bridge placed.

Implant Dentist Lake in the Hills

How Much Does an Implant-Retained Bridge Cost?

There is no “fixed” price for an implant-retained bridge as every patients’ procedure will differ from the next. Factors that can influence the overall cost are how many teeth a patient needs, the state of their dental/overall health, as well as if their insurance provides any coverage. Generally, the cost of replacing a single tooth with a dental implant is about $2,500 - $5,000, so that can be multiplied depending on how many dental implants a patient needs.

While an implant-retained bridge does cost more upfront than a typical fixed bridge or partial denture, it tends to last longer…much longer. Most partial dentures and fixed bridges need to be replaced ever 5-7 years, while an implant-retained bridge, if properly maintained, can easily last for 30 or more, often making it a onetime cost. This, in addition to the fact that it looks more lifelike and provides better function than other treatments, tends to make it not only the better health decision, but financial decision over time as well.

Implant Dentist Lake in the Hills

Want to Know More?

If you are currently dealing with multiple missing teeth and would be interested in getting them replaced permanently, an implant-retained bridge simply provides the best solution available today, and we can say that with complete confidence. To learn more about all the ways we can help rebuild your smile, please schedule your free consultation today.

Implant Dentist Lake in the Hills

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