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Missing All Teeth?

Implant Dentist in Lake in the Hills, IL

Implant Dentist Lake in the Hills

When a person is missing all of their teeth, often it isn’t their smile’s appearance that is the biggest concern, but uncomfortable, unreliable dentures as well as malnutrition. People in this situation often have to limit themselves to softer, less-nutritious foods, and this can severely impact their overall health as well as shorten their life expectancy by up to 10 years, according to research. At Brand New Smile Dental Implant Centers, we’re able to handle this delicate situation with the greatest care and expertise, and whether you want a solution with dental implants or not, we can guarantee you’ll get your smile back. To learn more about your options, read on below, or better yet, schedule your free consultation today.

Implant Dentist Lake in the Hills

Brand New Smile™ Solution

With Brand New Smile Dental Implant Centers’ “Brand New Smile™” state-of-the-art solution , we can literally give a patient a complete new set of teeth all in one appointment. Using state-of-the-art technology, our team will be able to place both the implants and deliver the prosthetic teeth in a single day, all while a patient sleeps under sedation. Over the next few months, we will custom make a titanium reinforced implant supported prosthetic that will make sure a patient’s new smile will last for a lifetime.

Implant Dentist Lake in the Hills

Implant-Retained Dentures

An implant-retained denture resembles a traditional denture in appearance, but that is where the similarities end. Rather than sitting on the gums, the prosthetic is held in place using multiple dental implants that securely anchor it to the jawbone. With this kind of hold, a patient will enjoy a stability and chewing ability much greater than a normal removable prosthetic. The implants also support the jaw from within, meaning they will help it maintain its shape over time, which will help the denture fit better for much longer.

Implant Dentist Lake in the Hills

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures have long been one of the quickest and most affordable solutions to replace missing teeth. For with no natural teeth, the denture will simply sit directly on the gums using either natural suction or a bit of denture adhesive to stay in place. While modern-day dentures are more natural-looking and comfortable than ever, they do still have their limitations. Patients often complain that they slip out of place, and they often aren’t able to chew through tougher foods. For patients desiring a more secure and lating solution, implant-retained dentures and the Brand New Smile™ system are the best options.

Implant Dentist Lake in the Hills

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